My name is Amanda Hoskinson. Since my time at UCLA, I've had the nickname "Media Mandy". My friends and colleagues knew me as the woman who worked in media, and made media (and mandy just flows so nicely after the word media.)

I'm a marketer and producer in LA. I've worked at FOX, CBS, Apple, the Olympics and more. Years ago, photography was merely an outlet for me. The deeper my work in marketing and production takes me, however, the more important photography has become. 

My photography is interesting because I come from the perspective of a marketer, not an artist. I take photos that marketers need.I know that marketers need extra space on the left and right of their subject for text. I know that marketers need vertical and horizontal photos. I know that marketers need extra dark and and extra light photos. I know that, because am a marketer too. I understand what my clients need.

I have a lot of projects and initiatives in my life, here's a few:

My company - MediaMandy Agency

My startup - Skout

My Artists Research Project - Art Duos

My Discounts Instagram Account - Buy This Not That

And so much more at my website:

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