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My company, MediaMandy Agency offers comprehensive digital marketing services and consultations for businesses of all sizes. Our team of marketers, designers, videographers and analysts is just what you need to get a brand started and grow an existing one. Because we've been in this industry for over a decade, we're the perfect jack-of-all-trades to add to your business' marketing efforts. No organization is too small to take advantage of digital media. From social media to email marketing to e-commerce, we've got you covered.

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Social Media Strategy

Influencer Programs

Market Research Reports

Content Creation (Photography, Graphic Design, Copywriting)

much, much, much more

Current Clientele

CBS Corporation


Driving Force Group

Previous Clientele


Fox Broadcasting Company

Beats by Dre

CBS Corporation


Danny Trejo

Amy Roiland - Model/Influencer/Entrepreneur

Madoka Hamlin - Photographer

Dave Farina - YouTuber

Jesy Odio - Producer/Director/Writer


Poetry Society of LA

City of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach

LA Laser Center

Art & Global Health Center

Bobby Gordon - Art Director

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